Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pedal Project

Pedal Project deals with everything related to fixed-gears bikes. It informs, publishes articles, sells, creates a local scene, and primarly builds unique bikes for this contemporary urban culture, which was successfully try to develop on Czech streets.

Rudy Melo

Rudy Melo on Ash Street, San Diego, photo by Matt Strawson, via Fixedandwhat

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Owen's track bike

“The latest bike to be completed is owen's columbus spirit track bike, owen wanted something that classy but modern and aggressive but still wanted the traditional look of lugs”. (photos: kayti peschke) Via Feathercycles

Ricky Feather

“Steel is so much more reliable, workable, repairable – and the longevity is unmatchable – just look at the pre-first worl war bikes that are still goigng strong” (Ricky Feather) via Fixedandwhat


By Ben Ingham

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rouleur # 24

Issue 24 of Rouleur features a fascinating blend of the famous and not so well known, historical and modern, from bike races across the world. Richard Moore, author of Slaying the Badger, interviews the unique Graeme Obree, man of many talents, including novel writing. David Millar’s new autobiography, Racing Through the Dark, recounts the Scot’s transformation from drug cheat to anti-doping figurehead. Millar discusses his chequered career and reborn enthusiasm for the bike with Ian Cleverly. The aggressive riding style of Thomas Voeckler is finally paying off and Graeme Fife always enjoys interviewing a stylish French puncheur. Equipment-wise, lifelong Italophile Rohan Dubash contributes his second instalment of the Campagnolo story following his long-awaited visit to the legendary factory in Vicenza. Editor Guy Andrews travels to Nevers in France, the home of Look, relative newcomers to the sport of cycling but designers of the revolutionary clipless pedal we now take for granted. Chris Keulen’s stunning photography chronicles the little-known road racing scene in African countries such as Senegal, Burkina Faso and war-ravaged Eritrea. Winner of three Tour de France stages Peter Winnen provides the words. Graeme Fife continues his series on emerging talent with Fabio Close, one very determined young man. Finally, Maglia Rosa author Herbie Sykes recounts the familiar story of the tragic demise of a talented rider in sweltering heat, zigzag-ing across the road until collapsing, amphetamines in his jersey pocket. But who is that man? Regular columnists Matt Seaton, William Fotheringham and Johnny Green are joined by Paul Fournel. Photography in this issue is by Ben Ingham, Taz Darling, Gerard Brown, Guy Andrews and Geoff Waugh.


Dario Pegoretti at his workshop, by Ben Ingham (prod. Nowness)

Easy ride to the Pieve on a bright Sunday morning

Easy ride to the Pieve in a bright Sunday morning from idefix on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dario Pegoretti’s interview

Ho appena scoperto questa pagina web con un’intervista al mitico Dario ed una serie di splendide foto dei suoi capolavori più recenti, è qui, non perdetevela.

I just found this website with an interview to the great Dario, with wonderful pics of his latest masterpieces, it’s here, do not miss it.

Cicli Nanni

A Villamarina, un paesino di mare vicino a Cesenatico (FC), c’è una piccola officina, la Cicli Nanni. La fondò nel 1947 Agostino, appassionato meccanico ciclista. Agostino, col suo camice ed il classico berretto da ciclista, lo vedrete in officina ancora oggi, a fianco del figlio William, ottimo telaista. Se cercate un po’ di professionalità e un’eccellente preparazione tecnica, affidatevi pure a loro. Non brilleranno per simpatia e cordialità, ma di telai, settaggi, preparazioni e personalizzazioni sono fra il meglio che offre la Romagna.

In Villamarina, at the seaside near Cesenatico (FC), there is a small workshop called Cicli Nanni. It has been founded in 1947 by Agostino, a very passionate mechanic. Agostino, always dressed as a mechanic, with his cycling cup on his head, is always and still in his workshop every day, with his son William, very nice frame maker. If you are looking for professional and good technical knowledge, then you can easily lean on them. They are probably not that nice with customers, but talking about frames and settings they are among the best in the Romagna region.

The Trike

A Saluggia, una piccola cittadina di campagna vicino Torino, vive e lavora Leonardo Leuci. Leonardo ha creato questo veicolo a trazione umana, il ‘trike’. Bello e geniale.

In Saluggia, a small town in the country near Turin, lives and works Leonardo Leuci. Leonardo created this human traction vehicle, the ‘trike’. Nice piece of craftsman.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rob Sargent

Sunday afternoon

Matt in red

Matt Taylor

Bad news

Saltiamo il 2011. Arrivederci al 2012. Vista la congiuntura economica del Paese la quarta edizione di Ciclomundi non si farà. Ci dispiace per la comunità di ciclomundisti e per tutti quanti hanno chiesto a viva voce che il Festival mantenesse la sua frequenza annuale. Confidiamo in un roseo 2012 però e vi lasciamo montando in sella… per nuovi viaggi estivi, ricordandovi di buttare sempre un occhio alle nuove uscite a pedali targate Ediciclo. Buone pedalate a tutti! Lo staff di Ciclomundi

Monday, June 13, 2011


via beatrider

4Season OG Pants - Iteration Four

The ultimate ride to work pants. We built the OUTLIER 4Season OG Pant to be worn day in and day out, both on and off your bike. For this you need something that can stand up to the ride and look good after it's done. The 4Season OGs are a clean cut slack with versatile performance, ready to handle everything from the pressure of the office to a rain storm on your commute. OG stands for Original Garment, the OG pants are the reason we exist. While the first version we released was close to perfect, we refuse to stop pushing. We are now on the fourth iteration: a finely honed improvement to our core pants.

Bici rubata - Stolen bike


Mahogany bike made by Sueshiro Sano

Valerie Felix

John Gibbson

Austin Brown

Belfast bicycle workshop photo by Nick Hand

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cover of the new Cinelli catalog 2012

Ryan Heshka was born in Brandon, Manitoba and raised in Winnipeg at the end of the "lo-tech" era. Drawing from early influences too numerous to list, he ended up working in the fields of interior design and animation before his current career as an illustrator. Represented in North America, Europe and Asia by Kate Larkworthy Artist Representation Ltd., he resides in downtown Vancouver.

Coventry 1963

Love your bike

by Mark Lazenby

Velò des dieux

Deus ex machina

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Who's Tom Southam?

When I read something I really like, its normally akin to listening to a Lou Reed song; it’s like being spoken to by someone very smart, very funny and very concise. Lou Reed sings directly into your ear, I want to be able to write directly into people’s heads.

Welcome to It’s as much about the cycling as the writing, I don’t often seem to get one without the other, I think they make a very happy couple.

I heart NYC by Tom Southam

“So do you like it?” this must have been a rhetorical question, asked as it was by a man who could clearly see that my mind was in a diving pool of joy and the smile on my perennially unshaven face must also have been a large clue as to my state of mind on my second night in New York. (To be continued)

Who's Nick Hand?

Nick Hand was born and bred Bristolian. He trained as a typographer and is now working as a graphic designer and photographer. He is married with Ellie and they have three children. In summer 2009 Nick cycled around the coast of Britain, covering 5000 miles, and recorded many soundslides of many of the inspiring people that he met on his way.

Chiara's story

This is Chiara Shokite's story, told by her to Nick Hand

London 2012 Velodrome

25 november

6 june

This shows the latest London 2012 webcam photo taken of the Velodrome. This permanent 6,000-seat venue will host the indoor Olympic Cycling and Paralympic Cycling events.

About the webcams:The London 2012 webcams show progress taking place on the Olympic Park and record images throughout the day and night.

Paul Smith's fixed gear

Ph. by Nick Hand


Valerie Felix @ The Ride

Bike fashion

by Jonathan Arundel

Il futuro di Idefix?

© John Gibbson

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A new french cycling wear brand

Based in sunny French Riviera, Café du Cycliste is introducing its new cycling wear brand. Available on the online shop, the 2011 collection is a must have for spring and summer. Our goal is to make you happy to wear cycling garments by designing them high class and high performance.

Matt's cv

Matt Taylor (1980 -) is an illustrator from Brighton, England. He lives a stones throw from the sea and can be found travelling by bicycle, looking at waves and making marks on paper. He is influenced by the Old West, found photos, wild-life, wild-music and the drawings of Jack Kirby.

He is one of the members of the mighty Paper Fox Press collective, alongside Robin Boyden, Aaron Miller and Ben Mounsey