Saturday, October 02, 2010


"Ever since cycling for the first time without stablisers I have been fascinated by human propulsion. Over the years the myth of the monowheel has become an equal fascination. Since the 1860's many patents have been filed in the monowheel's name and today there are even rumors of a production monowheel in China, but as it stands there is nothing currently available. As we can't buy a monowheel we made one,The attraction of this project is venturing into the unknown. We don't suggest for one moment that a functioning human powered monowheel could ever provide an improvement on the modern bicycle. Instead its value would come from the discourse and ideas generated as a result of this research. Commissioned by Issey Miyake for the xx21st Centry Man Exhibition @21_21 Design Sight Tokyo. Now in a private collection."

Ben Wilson

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