Friday, October 28, 2011

PEdALED: concept

Our brand name is PEdAL ED.. Yes, it is from the pedal of a bicycle as you imagine. The bicycle wear is usually in tight fit and uses a high-tech stretch fabric. This is not a style for casual riders. PEdAL ED. is a new category of casual cycle wear.. So, we do not use any high-tech materials. We dare to use low-tech materials like natural cotton/hemp, linen and other natural material like organic cotton. We also reuse old clothes and used materials for our clothes.

Although we use natural material and used materials, we can design shape of our wears free from stresses and can add useful features like ventilations. Of course, we have a confident in our stylish wear design.
PEdAL ED. is the wear that you can fully enjoy everyday life with your bicycle.

What PEdAL ED. wants to propose is the wears for Enjoying the time being with your bicycle, not Enjoying riding of your bicycle

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