Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Steel # 3

Don’t get it wrong ! The colour of this issue is not pink but magenta (c : 0 ; M : 100 ; J : 0 ; n :0) ! You can’t really imagine pink on the cover of a men’s magazine. As everybody knows, biking is a guy’s business. Careful! Not that much ! We wanted magenta because women are an intagral part of Steel. What would we do without women’s fashion series, without sensual shapes next to a frame. How could we miss their distinct eye and their light pen ? A pen that turns our technical and machist material into a pleasant content understandable to all. Let us see life through pink-coloured glasses for this third and last issue of the year 2011. These past months have been punctuated by events, interviews and discoveries. This issue is not an inventory nor an overview of biking, but once more a nice little mess. At the same time vintage and contemporary, delicate and trash, cold and sensual, sober and erotic, Steel again goes in all directions.

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