Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rebolledo Cycles – Mauricio Rebolledo – Best Track bike at NAHBS

 Rebolledo Cycles specializes in made to measure track, road, cyclocross and randonneuse bicycles using only the finest steel tubing, fittings and lugs. Our interpretation of the bicycle is one that blends modern components and materials with traditional craftsmanship and style.
Our goal is to create a bicycle that is tailored to the specific needs of each client and performs beyond expectations.

My name is Mauricio Rebolledo, I was born in California and my family is from Colombia, South America. My parents would send my brother and I to stay with our grandparents in their respective hometowns of Cali and Palmira in Colombia's Cauca River Valley. My paternal grandparents live in downtown Palmira right across the street from a bus station. My grandmother noticed that many people rode their bikes to the station and then took the bus into the larger city of Cali everyday. She decided to start a parking garage for bicycles. The garage eventually became a repair shop where your bike could be serviced while you were at work. The bike shop became a playground for my brother and I. […]

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