Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Shin-ichi Konno vince al NAHBS

 CHERUBIM by Konno Cycle Works is founded in 1965, a year after the Olympic Games in Tokyo. It was the moment that many Japanese cyclists shocked by beautiful Italian road racers. From then, CHERUBIM has represented the history of custom frame building in Japan.
CHERUBIM became the frame supplier for the 1968 Orympic Games in Mexico City. It was only 3 years after Hitoshi Konno found CHERUBIM. In the early '70s, three Konno brothers and their brands, CHERUBIM, 3Rensho, and Miyuki, led the early age of the flame building industry in Japan. Now, CHERUBIM is the only surviving brand that still carries family tradition. More recently, CHERUBIM frames, with the decades of ongoing research and uncompromising craftsmanship, won seven consecutive Best Bicycle Awards in "Hand Made Cycle Fair", which is sponsored by Japan Cycling Association. Under the leadership of Shin-ichi Konno, master builder and son of Hitoshi, CHERUBIM continues to live by its founding spirit of achieving a fusion of innovation and tradition.
Shin-ichi Konno, master builder and son of Hitoshi 

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