Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle

Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle from The Digital Project on Vimeo.
This video presents the builders from Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle in their natural habitats: workshop, road, track, and trail. Featuring Sacha White (Vanilla), Peter Weigle, Richard Sachs, Mike Flanigan (Alternative Need Transportations), Dario Pegoretti and Jeff Jones.
Directed by Alejandro Durán
Produced by Sara Sheth
Music by David Byrne
Special thanks to the various filmmakers and photographers who contributed footage:
Dicky Dahl
Camilla Candida Donzella
Desmond Horsfield
Bob Huff
Jeff Jones
Marty Renwick
Joshua Sternlicht
Zachary Lee

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