Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dazza (Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch)

My goal at Llewellyn Custom Bicycles is to create a beautiful bicycle that gives you many years of enjoyable riding.

In 1979; when I was a 16 year old racer, I started work in a frame shop. Knowledge gained from years of racing on road and track, seasons of road racing in France, and many more seasons working as a mechanic for the Australian Institute of Sport and team mechanic for the Australian national team in Europe informed my desire to create quality frames. After 30 years of frame work I enjoy my frame building as much as when I started off and I feel privileged to share that with my customers.

It is important to me to construct frames with pleasing aesthetics without compromise to the durability or function of the frame. This way, with each passing year, your bicycle gives you greater value and you come to cherish your Llewellyn. In recent years I have created my own proprietary lugs and frame components to compliment my metal work. These new lugs and components enable me to combine the best methods of traditional steel frame construction with the best of contemporary design and materials for your bicycle.

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