Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Il Luigino di Greg, una storia quasi commovente

Greg White è un talentuoso fotografo canadese, come vedete da questi suoi pics, e la storia della sua Luigino è la seguente. 

“Years ago I fell in love with Dario Pegoretti’s work, especially the Luigino. At the time I was doing well financially, and I decided to treat myself. In March, 2007 I placed an order through La Bicicletta here in Toronto for a 55cm Luigino frameset.
I was told it would take about 3-6 months to have the frame completed and delivered. I was happy the order was in and I was happy to wait. Shortly thereafter Dario was diagnosed with lymphoma and he went into treatment. He stopped building frames. I was saddened, but more that anything I wanted him to get better

 Two years later my frame was completed and shipped from Caldonazzo to Toronto. I had just completed a very expensive home renovation (read: way over budget) and I couldn’t even begin to think about building this piece of art into a functional machine

The Luigino hung on my wall for two more years. Still broke after this time I decided enough was enough and if I didn’t make it happen, it would never happen

 So for 6 months I saved. Every time I got paid for a photography job I put $100 into a Pegoretti savings account. Just recently I figured I had saved about enough and I went back to La Bicicletta and had them build her up with Campagnolo Athena, Record hubs and headset, classic Ambrosio wheels, 3T seatpost, and Cinelli bars and stem

There are only two bits on this bike that is not Italian – the vintage Time pedals, and the beautiful Arundel water bottle cages

She rides like an absolute dream. I have never in my life experienced a bike like this.”

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  1. Peccato per il reggisella 3T.
    Però è davvero un capolavoro di bicicletta.